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December 4, 2019
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The San Francisco-based ticketing technology platform Lyte announced a partnership with this week to offer a certified solution for the platform’s partner venues.

The partnership means that Lyte will have the opportunity to work with’s global client base to implement ticket returns and official wait-lists. Lyte allows customers who were unable to attend the show exchange their primary tickets. Those wishing to score a seat at a show can join the event’s official wait-list and purchase tickets directly on the site. The process, which is entirely automated, ensures that ticketholders will be issued a new barcode.’s venue clients can launch an online exchange to help people secure tickets to events.

Lyte’s founder and CEO Ant Taylor explained in a press release that the company is “thrilled” to be certified by to offer their services, noting that “official wait-lists and secure return opportunities provide benefits throughout the entire customer experience that is a win-win for venues and patrons alike.”

According to Lyte, sold-out events listed on their site see significantly less no-show rates, along with higher merchandise and food sales, without fraudulent tickets at the door. Following the event, Lyte will be able to access data from the show, including information about post-sellout and wait-list demand, which can then be used to evaluate the event’s success.

“We work with great partners like Lyte to provide our venue clients with reliable, and certified, solutions to build from the platform and deliver excellence in customer service,” Chris Farrrar, Director of Product and Partner Management with said in a statement. “We’re very pleased to offer Lyte’s platform to our venue clients.”

For more information about Lyte, visit their website.

San Francisco’s Lyte Partners With