Foo Fighters To Offer Fan-To-Fan Exchange Through Twickets


February 26, 2020
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When Foo Fighters tickets went on sale in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the venue sold-out in less than an hour. Now, they’ve turned to Twickets to allow fans to resell tickets.

The 10,000-seat Resch Center released general on sale tickets this past Friday, and Terry Charles, senior corporate communications manager for PMI Entertainment Group, which manages the venue, told the Green Bay Press Gazette “it may be the highest demand we’ve ever had for tickets.” The Green Bay ticket was certainly a hot one – likely because the city was one of only 10 venues the Foo Fighters are stopping in on their The Van Tour 2020, aimed to celebrate their 25th anniversary by stopping in cities they first visited on tour in 1995.

Charles told the Gazette that there were a limited number tickets of available left Friday morning, since many were scooped up during the presale.

“The presales are becoming the new on-sales,” Charles said. “Everybody who knows how to navigate that system are the ones who got the tickets. Not always the case, because this is still a case where the demand may have been the greatest we have ever seen for a concert at the Resch Center.”

He noted that the number of presales allotted are up to the artist’s management team and the promoters.

“They make that call,” he said. “In this case, several thousand tickets were sold prior to what’s called the public on-sale on Friday.”

Fans complained that Ticket Star’s website left them stuck in a virtual waiting room on Friday.

Yeah that sucked, I got put into a virtual waiting room at 10am the second the tickets went on sale and then didn’t even get a chance to buy any. How many did you release to the public and how many did you hold back😡what a waste of time @foofighters

— Kim Terry (@iamkimterry) February 21, 2020

@reschcomplex if the @foofighters concert is sold out according to your box office, why am I still in a virtual waiting room with Ticket Star? Couldn’t get through on presale, or General Admission. Top notch services…..👎

— Eric Henzel (@Henzel2) February 21, 2020

@Ticketmaster Hey. Your waiting room lobby webpage keeps screwing me out of getting floor tickets to see @foofighters. I’ve tried 2 days in a row with presale codes, both days the webpage crashes. Causing a reload, and NO FLOOR. Fix this please!!!

— Steve Mannes (@SteveMannes) February 21, 2020

Tried to get tickets for @foofighters in Green Bay at the @reschcomplex . Sat in a virtual waiting room for two hours only to have the tickets sold out. 😂😂 Wishing they could do another show! Or maybe head to @LambeauField next time!! Huge fan base in Wisconsin!!

— Courtney Zahn (@CAMZahn) February 21, 2020

@foofighters FYI the folks in Green Bay running your show at the @reschcomplex use a site that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to keep bots out so your 5/10 show is sold out but none of the tickets are in the hands of your fans.

— Akhmim Jones (@akhmim_mekili) February 21, 2020

Following the onsale in Green Bay, Foo Fighters took to Twitter to announce their partnership with Twickets, a secondary ticketing site.

“If you purchase tickets for the upcoming shows, but are unable to attend, Foos are working with a company called Twickets to ensure a safe, fair place for people to sell or buy spare tickets,” the band said in a statement. “Via Twickets, everything is at face value (or less). If you have tickets to sell, or are looking for tickets to buy, please only use Twickets to avoid overpricing or fraud.”

Green Bay is SOLD OUT 🤘

If you purchase tickets for the upcoming shows, but are unable to attend, Foos are working with a company called @Twickets to ensure a safe, fair place for people to sell or buy spare tickets.

— Foo Fighters (@foofighters) February 21, 2020

Find tickets for Foo Fighters’ upcoming shows via Twickets.

While Foo Fighters are offering this fan-to-fan exchange through Twickets, they’re not banning the sale of tickets on other resale sites. Currently, the rockers of Pearl Jam are strictly offering a fan-to-fan exchange exclusively through Ticketmaster; those that present a ticket from other sites will not be allowed entry. Other industry friends Rage Against The Machine have also attempted to curb scalping by offering high-priced tickets to their reunion shows with proceeds going to charity. As of right now, the Foo Fighters have not announced any rules regarding non-transferable tickets.

Foo Fighters To Offer Fan-To-Fan Exchange Through Twickets