Chaffee County Pushes Back Live Nation Payment For Seven Peaks Festival

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April 3, 2020
Olivia Perreault 0

The payment for Live Nation’s Seven Peaks Concert does not need to be paid at this time, Chaffee County commisioners voted in a special meeting this week.

In order to cover the country’s costs, which includes hiring additional law enforcement and emergency personnel, the agreement requires a 20 percent payment, or about 20,000, assistant county attorney Daniel Tom told The Chaffee County Times. During the meeting, commissioners agreed to hold off the required 20 percent payment of 269,000 and instead, just accept the full payment in May.

A representative for Live Nation, Jim Reid, told the Times that it would be easier for the company to make the one-time payment ahead of the event. The Seven Peaks Music Festival is slated to take place in Buena Vista, Colorado during Labor Day weekend.

Live Nation, among other live entertainment companies, will face hardships over the next few months due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Already, Live Nation has postponed concerts throughout the month of March, and more and more artists are postponing or cancelling shows through June. Additionally, several festivals have been called-off or pushed to the fall.

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Chaffee County Pushes Back Live Nation Payment For Seven Peaks Festival